Enter your photos into our competition for the chance to win our prizes. Plus all winning images will be displayed at IMO headquarters in London! 


To have a chance of winning the competition you need to read the description of the categories and have some fun taking photographs. When you are happy with a photograph and think it could be the winning entry, submit it to GloFouling Partnerships using the form below. Please make sure you state the category in your entry.

Photo Competition

Category 1: Invasive aquatic species

We are looking for photos of any invasive aquatic species or their impacts. Send us your photos from under the water, a beach or coastline, or even from the laboratory. You can find more information about invasive aquatic species here.

Category 2: Biofouling

If you don’t know what biofouling is, you can read about it here.  Under this category we are looking for photos of biofouling on any surface:  ships and yachts, sailing boats, buoys, nets, aquaculture farms and ropes, offshore platforms, ocean renewable energies, ports and marinas.  You can also send us photos showing how you apply antifouling coatings and paint, or how you clean your surface, including diver or robot operations.

Category 3: Blue Economy

What do you think best represents the Blue Economy? Send us your photos from any industry (shipping, port and marina operations, aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, fishing, ocean renewable energy and seabed mining or dredging) and how it contributes to our livelihoods or your country.

Deadline for submissions:

31 October 2020

(Extended from 30 September)

Calling to all photography and ocean lovers !! 


1st Prize:    Best photograph from all categories combined

IMO combo (1 IMO unisex regatta Jacket; 1 IMO Polo t-shirt, 1 IMO baseball cap, 1 IMO tumbler and 1 IMO mug). 

Finalist Prize: Best two photographs selected from each category (1 IMO baseball cap and 1 IMO mug).


The prize is as stated. There is no cash alternative.


The Finalist's photographs shall appear in an Exhibition held at IMO headquarters in London during the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting.

Have you taken any striking images of our beautiful marine life?

Do you take pride in the work you do at a port, marina, shipyard, on board of a ship, an aquaculture farm
or as a researcher?

Or do you simply love the sea and marine life ?

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