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11 to 14 October 2022  |  IMO Headquarters, London 

2nd GloFouling Partnerships R&D Forum
and Exhibition on Biofouling Prevention
and Management for Maritime Industries

Greener Technologies for Biofouling Management

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Call for Abstracts and Presentations


Management of biofouling is a research topic of major maritime and environmental importance. Together with ships’ ballast water and aquaculture, biofouling is one of the main culprits in the spread of non-indigenous marine species. Invasive species in marine and coastal environments are a threat to native biodiversity and productivity of the marine ecosystem. Non-indigenous and invasive species – even in very remote coastal areas – are now seemingly the norm rather than the exception. 

We invite abstracts and presentations for the following topics:​

  • Antifouling systems and biofouling management technologies and methods in Shipping, Recreational boating, Aquaculture, Oil & Gas, and Ocean renewable energy structures.

  • Impact of biofouling and invasive aquatic species on Shipping operations, Aquaculture and Ocean renewable energy industries.

  • Monitoring and testing performance of technologies and methods to manage biofouling.

  • Port, drydock and shipyard perspectives of biofouling management (risk assessment, best practices for biofouling prevention, waste management, and other marine environment and safety aspects).

Requirements & submission

The abstract or presentation proposal should be written in English, with maximum length of 250 words. The text should include objectives, results and conclusions, or, in the case of presentations, a description of the subject, the main aim and the conclusions or main aspects.

Please submit your abstract by email to: 

Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2022

All proposals will be reviewed by an international scientific committee and authors will be notified of the acceptance by 15 August 2022.  Since a large number of proposals are expected to be submitted to this IMO-GloFouling flagship event, the deadlines will be strictly followed. 

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Sponsorship Exhibition

Sponsorship opportunities and Exhibition area

During the Forum, a separate exhibition area as well as sponsorship opportunities will be available giving companies a chance to present themselves, promote their products and services and increase their visibility to a global audience.


Sponsors will appear in the event website and will be featured during the event at different locations.  

For information on sponsorship and exhibitors packages for the event, please download the sponsor and exhibition agreement and contact Ms. Marija Vranic at

Conference venue:

International Maritime Organization (IMO), London, United Kingdom.

Accommodation & other useful information

The IMO headquarters building is conveniently located in the Southbank of the city, not far from the Houses of Parliament.  There are numerous options for accommodation, many of which can be secured through standard booking websites. 


For information on the R&D Forum, contact the GloFouling Partnerships Project team at

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