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New strategic partner joins the project

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The most recent addition to GloFouling Strategic Partners is Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean engineering (KRISO). The Institute has several research and engineering centers that are working on finding the best ship performance solutions. Some of the research currently carried out by KRISO includes: Optimal hull cleaning scheduling; Removal technology for hull biofouling; and new protection and cleaning technologies.

6,000 m Class Remotely operated vehicle(ROV) – Haemirae (photo credit: KRISO)

Mr. Tae-Hwan Joung, Head of the International Maritime Strategy Research Center at KRISO highlighted the importance of the Institute joining forces with the project. “This partnership will benefit both the project and the partners in sharing the knowledge and the expertise in the field of biofouling management.”

Strategic Partners, among many different stakeholders of GloFouling Partnerships, has a supporting role in the project. This partnership is open to international organizations and institutions, international industry associations and research centers and universities that are willing to provide input, technical and scientific expertise to support project activities such as technical publications and reports, R&D forums, expert workshops and capacity building.

“KRISO is looking forward to the start of this partnership which will help to achieve the project’s global goal to reduce invasive aquatic species spread via biofouling and reduce GHG emission, which is increased due to ships drag created by biofouling”. Mr. Young said.

Throughout the duration of the project more strategic partners are expected to join. For more information:

6,000 m Class Compound joint combination of mobile robot the seabed-Crabster (photo credit: KRISO)


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