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GloFouling Webinars

Impacts of biofouling in marine aquaculture


Thursday, 30 January 2020

Webinar closed, recording available here



An introduction to the main obstacles for efficient and sustainable growth presented by biofouling in the marine aquaculture industry. The webinar will highlight the key impacts, and the different antifouling methods in use for the prevention and control of biofouling on finfish, seaweed and shellfish aquaculture.

Presented by:

Nina Bloecher, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF

Dr. Nina Bloecher is a senior scientist at SINTEF Ocean, based on Trondheim, Norway, with a PhD in Marine Biology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Nina has been working with biofouling in salmon aquaculture for the past 10 years. The focus of her work has been investigating the impacts of biofouling on fish health and exploring novel antifouling and biofouling management technologies for aquaculture nets. This includes extended research into in-situ net cleaning technology – its risks for fish health, impacts on the net, and the evaluation of possible new technologies. Nina works on these issues in collaboration with Norwegian and international research organisations, aquaculture farming companies, technology developers and regulatory agencies.

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