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Risk of dissemination of the nonindigenous Orange cup coral from ship hulls and oil/gas platforms in the South West Atlantic

presented by: 

Ricardo Coutinho, Senior Research Scientist, IEAPM-Brazilian Navy

Orange cup coral dissemination has worried regulators, scientists and the offshore oil & gas industry in the South West Atlantic off the coast of Brazil. This webinar will present effective alternatives for the control and management of this non-indigenous species in natural and artificial substrates. This knowledge could serve as a basis on how to manage biofouling on offshore platforms in other marine regions that can prevent their role as stepping stones for introduction of new species. More importantly, managing biofouling contributes to extending the lifespan of structures, by preventing corrosion, maintaining structural integrity and keeping open end-of-life structure recycling.



Thursday, 10 September 2020

7:00 am (PDT), 11:00 am (ADT), 3:00 pm (BST), 4:00 pm (CEST), 7:30 pm (IST)

Dr. Ricardo Coutinho is a Senior Researcher at the Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira (IEAPM), in Brazil, where he heads the Department of Marine Biotechnology and Director of the Laboratory of Marine Resources (LAREMAR). He also coordinates the Graduate Program, Masters and PhD in Marine Biotechnology from IEAPM/UFF. Ricardo is a specialist in biofouling and bioinvasions with more than 30 years of experience and over 120 articles published in scientific journals. He has a PhD in Biology (Ecology) from the University of South Carolina ,USA, and a Pos-Doc from Duke University and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, USA.

Webinar closed, recording available here

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