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GloFouling Webinars

The spread of marine diseases and pathogens and the link to invasive species


Friday, 16 April 2021

Webinar closed, recording available here



A number of factors are contributing to the increased spread of marine diseases with greater impacts. With greater movements of ships and goods worldwide and increases in aquaculture - one contributor is the potential spread of invasive species via biofouling. This seminar will outline some of the key routes, the potential risks to consider and mitigation to reduce impact.

Presented by:

Sarah Culloty, Head of College, Science, Engineering and Food Science, University College Cork

Prof. Sarah Culloty has worked on shellfish pathology and diseases for over 25 years having started her career with a PhD, on an emerging disease in oysters, Bonamia ostreae, and its introduction to Ireland in the 1980s. Her work focuses on disease dynamics, epidemiology and understanding the drivers of disease development particularly in bivalve molluscs. In particular she has worked on factors that facilitate disease transmission such as transmission routes and the potential ways that disease can be incidentally transmitted and then maintained in introduced areas. Working at University College Cork she leads a team of PhD students and research staff working on a number of significant pathogens for shellfish. She has published over 100 papers, supervised over 40 masters and PhD students. She is currently Director of the Environmental Research institute at UCC and Head of the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science.

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