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GloFouling Webinars

Biofouling on offshore renewable energy structures


30 November 2021

Webinar closed, recording available here



Ocean renewable energy refers to various means through which energy can be harnessed from our oceans, and there are many different types: wave, tidal stream, tidal range and offshore wind, as well as ocean thermal, ocean current, run-of-river and salinity.
All these structures are subject to biofouling, which can hinder their performance, increase corrosion and affect their viability. During the webinar we will hear about Anti-fouling strategies to boost performance of marine energy technologies - An insight into the outcome of the Wave and Energy Project (WEP+)

Presented by:

Natalia Rojas & Andrew Want

Natalia Rojas has a broad experience in Blue Economy, with more than 8 years of international career. Her multidisciplinary experience gives her a global perspective of Blue Energy projects, built during her career as Project Manager of Blue Economy projects. Moreover, she has experience in offshore renewables I+D+i and developing Blue Energy roadmaps in collaboration with Ministries from different countries. She has participated in a number of EU Blue Growth projects with key stakeholders in Europe.

Dr Andrew Want is a marine ecologist with specialist expertise in biofouling and hard substrate epibenthic assemblages in high-energy habitats targeted by the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector. His research background in biofouling includes developing and leading the international Biofouling in Renewable Energy Environments (BioFREE) project, as well the numerous other projects in this field. Through this research and collaborations, he has built strong connections throughout the biofouling and ORE sectors, and is currently leading the ORE subgroup as part of the UNESCO GESAMP 44 Working Group on Biofouling Management.

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