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Pool of expert consultants

GloFouling Partnerships will deliver a series of activities through external Assignments that will include a wide range of work, such as the development of technical reports, studies, training materials, delivery of training courses.


Profiles required are highly varied and include knowledge of at least one of the different aspects related to biofouling management and invasive aquatic species, including (but not limited) marine biology and environment, policy and strategy development, shipping, aquaculture, renewable marine energies, naval architecture, in-water cleaning, anti-fouling coatings, development of educational tools, etc. 


GloFouling Partnerships is seeking to increase its pool of experts, including experts working as individual consultants, in consultancy companies, universities, research centres and other organizations with competence in these fields. Interested experts are invited to register in the IMO E-Roster LINK. Please select "Ship's Biofouling" as area of expertise.

Expression of Interest

When the need arises for a given Assignment, a Scope of Work with details on the deliverables will be published on the GloFouling Partnerships website.


Experts interested/available in undertaking a specific Assignment are invited to reach out to the GloFouling Partnerships team by filling in the Form provided below. Please attach relevant documentation describing your competence related to the specific Assignment and quote the reference number of the Assignment in the "Comments" box.


The GloFouling Partnerships team will determine which experts in the pool qualify for the Assignments and send a Request for Interest to these experts to confirm availability to undertake the work.


Final selection of experts is subject to IMO rules and procurement procedures.


Current Assignments can be accessed through this LINK.

Expression of Interest

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Current Assignments

Below is a list of upcoming assignments.  If you have interest in a specific assignment please follow the instructions above. 

Ref. GFP-001

Guidance for national baseline status assessments

Development of a practical guide to assist countries in drafting their national baseline assessment reports on the current status of biofouling management with specific focus on introductions of aquatic invasive species. The national status assessment report is expected to produce high-quality, reliable information for decision-makers to support policy development.

Deadline 28 February 2020

Ref. GFP-002

Training Package on Biofouling Management

Development of the Training Package on Biofouling Management, which will be used by experts and trainers to deliver training activities in all the beneficiary countries during the lifespan of the GloFouling Partnerships project. It is also expected that the training package will be incorporated in the curricula of selected maritime academies and other academic institutions.

Deadline 28 February 2020