Pool of expert consultants


GloFouling Partnerships is seeking to increase its pool of experts to deliver work on a wide range of assignments, such as the development of technical reports, studies and training materials, and the delivery of training courses.


Profiles required are highly varied and include knowledge of at least one of the different aspects related to biofouling management and invasive aquatic species, including (but not limited) marine biology and environment, policy and strategy development, shipping, aquaculture, renewable marine energies, naval architecture, in-water cleaning, anti-fouling coatings, development of educational tools, etc. 


To be part of the pool, Experts should register individually using the form below, and must state if they are acting as individual consultants, consultancy companies, universities, research centres or other organizations. Relevant documentation describing competence should be attached.


Assignments are announced HERE to facilitate information on scope of work, specific needs and expected timeline for work completion. Experts particularly interested in undertaking any Assignment are encouraged to mention the reference number of the Assignment in the "Comments" box. No formal proposals are required at this stage; the deadline stated in each assignment is for registering preliminary interest and availability.


Interested Experts should also register in the IMO E-Roster LINK. Please select "Ship's Biofouling" as area of expertise.


The GloFouling Partnerships team will determine which experts in the pool are available for each Assignment and will initiate the selection process following IMO Rules & Regulations and IMO Procurement procedures.


Assignments currently available can be accessed through HERE, which provides full information on the scope of work and deliverables.

Past call for proposals

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) seeks proposals from qualified companies for the Development and Delivery of a Training Package on Biofouling Management, in accordance with the requirements, terms and conditions stipulated in the RFP document.


The purpose of developing the Training Package is to create international reference training material that will be used to increase the expertise on biofouling management in the twelve GloFouling Partnerships project's beneficiary countries, namely Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Fiji, Jordan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Tonga, to prevent invasive aquatic species introductions. The Training Package will be used by experts and trainers to deliver training activities in all the beneficiary countries during the lifespan of the GloFouling Partnerships project and beyond. It is also expected that the training package will be incorporated in the curricula of selected maritime academies and other academic institutions.


Proposals must be received by the IMO no later than Thursday, 30 April 2020, 12:00 hours – electronic submission through IMO portal.  Proposals received after the designated time will be automatically rejected. The procurement notice is published on the http://www.imo.org/en/About/Procurement/Pages/default.aspx


If you are interested to participate kindly send an email to procurement@imo.org - Subject: RFP2020-06 request for RFP document

Pool of experts registration

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Experts should also register in the IMO E-Roster LINK. Please select "Ship's Biofouling" as area of expertise.


Below is a list of upcoming assignments.  If you have interest in a specific assignment please follow the instructions above. 

Ref. GFP-001

Guidance for national baseline status assessments

Development of a practical guide to assist countries in drafting their national baseline assessment reports on the current status of biofouling management with specific focus on introductions of aquatic invasive species. The national status assessment report is expected to produce high-quality, reliable information for decision-makers to support policy development.

Assignment closed

This deadline is for registering preliminary interest and availability.

Ref. GFP-003

Strategy guide on biofouling management

Development of the national strategy on biofouling management, which will be used by experts to: define a national policy to address the risk of aquatic invasive species introduced via biofouling; define a strategy in line with the national policy; and guide the development of action plans for the implementation of the strategy. It is also expected to offer guidance in line with the Guidelines for the control and  management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species (IMO Biofouling Guidelines).

Assignment closed

This deadline is for registering preliminary interest and availability.


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