1st GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling 

R&D Forum and Exhibition

on Biofouling Management

4th ANZPAC Workshop

on Biofouling Management
for Sustainable Shipping

Melbourne, Australia, 1-4 October 2019

The IMO-GloFouling R&D Forum will bring together regulatory bodies, stakeholders and representatives from shipping and other maritime industries, academia, leading scientific experts and technology development leaders in the field of biofouling management for a comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding area of research and development and technology commercialization.

This first edition of the IMO-GloFouling R&D Forum is a timely move that coincides with the increased global focus on biofouling as one of the main vectors for the transfer of invasive aquatic species.  The R&D Forum will be an opportunity to discuss the main aspects of biofouling management in shipping just before the review of the IMO Biofouling Guidelines commences in early 2020.

About the R&D Forum

About the ANZPAC Workshop

The inaugural ANZPAC Workshop on Biofouling Management for Sustainable Shipping in 2013 was an outstanding international event that brought industry together with scientists and regulators, and this success was repeated with a second and third workshop in 2015 and 2017, respectively. The workshop is most similar in scope to the International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling, and therefore held in alternate years to those events. It differs, however, in having a greater focus on practical issues facing the shipping sector in terms of regulatory compliance, efficiency of vessel performance, and other challenges posed by biofouling and its management.

The R&D Forum and ANZPAC Workshop will aim to bring some clarification on optimum techniques for biofouling management and point us in the direction of promising future research and development to minimize or eliminate the spread of invasive by maritime industries. Specific goals of the conference are to:

  • Explore the current and future maritime landscape as it relates to recent and proposed regulations, standard development and implementation, including uptake of the IMO Biofouling Guidelines;

  • Discuss the needs of vessel operators to find a balance between improved vessel fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, effective biosecurity risk mitigation and compliance with proposed standards;

  • Explore perspectives from non-shipping industries (e.g. aquaculture, ocean energy); and,

  • Identify where the knowledge and policy gaps are that are hindering the implementation of effective biofouling management strategies and standards


Management of biofouling is a research topic of major maritime and environmental importance. Together with ships’ ballast water and aquaculture, biofouling is one of the main culprits in the spread of non-indigenous marine species. Invasive species in marine and coastal environments are a threat to native biodiversity and productivity of the marine ecosystem. Non-indigenous and invasive species – even in very remote coastal areas – are now seemingly the norm rather than the exception. 

We invite abstracts for the following topics:

  • Risks related to marine invasive and non-indigenous species in developing countries

  • Impacts and management approaches for biofouling in aquaculture

  • Impacts and management approaches for biofouling in offshore and ocean energy structures

  • Impacts and management approaches for recreational sailing, yachts and marinas 

Call for Papers

Requirements & submission

The extended abstract should be written in English, with maximum length of 250 words. The abstract should include objectives, results and conclusions.

Please submit your abstract by email to: glofouling@imo.org 

An International Scientific Committee of renowned experts will review and select the papers that will finally be presented during the Forum.


Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2019.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance by 31 August 2019.
The full paper should be submitted by 31 October 2019 for inclusion in the Forum proceedings.

Since a large number of abstracts are expected to be submitted to this IMO-GloFouling flagship event, the deadlines will be strictly followed.

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4th ANZPAC Workshop

on Biofouling Management
for Sustainable Shipping

1st GEF-UNDP-IMO GloFouling 

R&D Forum and Exhibition

on Biofouling Management

Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Dates: 1 to 4 October 2019

Accommodation & other useful information

The Convention & Exhibition Centre is conveniently located in the Southbank of the city, but also within easy reach from Melbourne's CBD.  There are numerous options for accommodation, many of which can be secured through standard booking websites. More information can be found here. 


For information on the R&D Forum, contact the GloFouling Partnerships Project team at glofouling@imo.org

For information on sponsorship packages for both events, please contact Ms. Samantha Carter at admin@mial.com.au

For information on the ANZPAC workshop, contact the organizer, Mr. John Lewis at ESLink Services: jlewis@eslinkservices.com.au

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